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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I do it all myself? was founded on the principle of having a 'system' available that allows the owner builder to "build your own home", or be involved with the project. We do recommend that someone be on-site that understands the process of building and framing - other than that - the 'system' is exceptionally straightforward.


Are you a modular builder?

No. Panelized construction is one step beyond conventional 'stick' framing. We take the plan and panelize both the exterior and interior walls in a controlled plant environment. We also supply all the materials needed to get your home to a 'lock-up' stage, thus, the package cottage.


What flexibility do I have for designs and plans? is a 100% custom design/supply panelized company and can work with any plan, or design one for you from scratch. You are not restricted to selecting a plan from our site. The pre-priced plans that we offer will help you to see what a specific house would cost, which is very useful when developing a preliminary budget.


What's included in an material "package"? cabins and cottage material package specifications are provided on the "What's Included" page of this website.


What are the financial benefits of purchasing an packaged cabin or cottage?

  • 40% less framing labour cost to lock-up
  • Supplier direct pricing
  • Guaranteed supply and price, locked in against market fluctuations
  • Time – 40% faster – and time is money!


What about shipping costs?

Most custom cottage packages consist of 1 to 3 loads on a 53' step deck truck. Shipping costs will vary depending on where you are building. With partnerships in various locations across Canada we are able to ship to your location very cost effectively.